Bumblebee Noir / Single Coaster

Bumblebee Noir / Single Coaster

Toasted Crumpet
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Beautifully finished luxury coasters from a range of British countryside inspired designs based on original Toasted Crumpet watercolour paintings.

This design is part of a range that is proudly produced in collaboration with the National Trust and brings together our love of fauna and flora into one nature inspired collection.

Size: L10 x W10 cm

The story behind the collection

“Since growing up on my parent’s farm, I have always adored the great outdoors and love exploring National Trust places with my family. It was these memories of our rambles that inspired the Explore & Treasure collection. The designs express our shared passion for the beautiful British countryside while helping to look after wonderful places.”


  • Durable gloss finished melamine coaster
  • Soft luxurious black velvet touch backing

Designed, printed and proudly made in Britain.